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Computer shop in sylhet

computer shop in Sylhet

For the past 20 years, has been the go-to computer shop in Sylhet, renowned for providing the highest quality service to its customers. We offer a broad range of products, including desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and computer accessories, such as Intel and AMD processors, Graphics cards, gaming cases, Gigabyte motherboards, CPU coolers, M.2 NVME solid-state drives (SSDs), power supplies, monitors, and RAM. We prioritize top brands like HPDell, Lenovo, Gigabyte, and Logitech, among others.

Our services also extend to desktop and laptop repairs, and we offer a special discount for online orders of laptop batteries, Laptop charger / adapters, laptop keyboard, Laptop displays, and screens. If your computer is running slowly, we can help you upgrade it by replacing the hard disk with a faster SSD or M.2 NVME SSD. This simple upgrade can save you money and greatly enhance your computing experience.

Best computer shop in Sylhet – Bangladesh

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